Woman Vs Loans Progress Report

Last Updated 11/22/2017

My debt free deadline: June 24th, 2020.

Here’s how my remaining student loan debt breaks down:


Stafford Loans:

Principal: $47,554.59

Projected (for Spring 2018): $7,574*

Accrued Interest: $2,061.56

Graduate PLUS Loans:

Principal: $13,000

Accrued Interest: $11.25

Grand Total:  $70,201.40

*I’ve made the choice to begin paying off my loans with the understanding that I still have Spring 2018’s tuition to pay. While I could put aside the money I’m paying off now for my future tuition, the dent would be small and I would need to borrow no matter what. And I’m not sure that I trust myself to save that money and actually use it for future tuition. So accrued interest it is.


August 2017 Debt Update: $347

September 2017 Debt Update: $200

October 2017 Debt Update: $440